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A New Class of Oxygen Users

Wear Your AirSep Focus or FreeStyle 3 with Style!

AirSep Focus and FreeStyle both offer a uniquely efficient, ultra-compact, and flexible pulse-flow delivery system. Through this miniaturization into a wearable unit, a new class of oxygen users has emerged: Self-reliant individuals who are satisfied only when experiencing life to the fullest.

For some that means travel across the country or travel around the world. For others, it’s doing the garden chores on the weekend, unrestricted by time. For still others, it is the exhilaration in attending a grandchild’s outdoor soccer match – carefree – or even trying your footwork at soccer yourself once again.

Now oxygen patients just like you are experiencing total freedom for the first time – all with the help of AirSep Focus and FreeStyle. And only AirSep Corporation, a leading manufacturer of high-quality medical equipment for home, hospital, and clinical use, makes this possible. AirSep is the most experienced oxygen manufacturer, including the development of the industry’s first portable oxygen concentrator. The AirSep Focus and FreeStyle is permitted on board commercial airlines, which means your journey with oxygen is wherever you wish to go.

Unleashing Your Potential

When you have no boundaries, you have no limitations to your potential. Caregivers and clinical professionals are recommending FreeStyle as the lightweight choice when an oxygen user clearly needs a better solution than ordinary, refillable oxygen systems.

FreeStyle can be the ideal selection for those ready to give up lugging around extra tanks, or those not able or willing to sit home for hours trying to refill their own cylinders. And there’s simply no more waiting around for the delivery truck to re-supply oxygen again and again.

If you can see yourself, your patient, or your loved one in any of these life moments whether at work or at play – exercising, shopping, dining out, completing errands, or visiting with friends and family, then it may be the right time to find out how the AirSep FreeStyle can be the ticket to a new kind of freedom.